Optimizing Contact Center Services with ARSI Omni

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One of the transport companies in Indonesia that plays a vital role in connecting the heart of the capital city with its suburbs hopes to get optimal integration in contact center management. Operating since 2008, the company wanted to improve efficiency.

The previous condition was that contact center management was separated between voice and non-voice services, resulting in less-than-optimal customer service. This condition had an impact on the high demand for live agents, making operations less efficient.

Recognizing this, KPSG Group, one of the Anabatic Technologies’ (IDX: ATIC) subholdings provides ARSI Omni to bring a revolution in contact center management by combining voice and non-voice services in one platform. 

Innovative agent management features enable efficient management of all agents, whether handling voice or non-voice inquiries. With ARSI Omni, the need for live agents can be optimized, resulting in smoother and more responsive interactions with customers, eliminating bottlenecks in traditional customer service.

Now, the communication needed within the company is smoother, thanks to the successfully integrated voice and non-voice services in the contact center. A 50% efficiency gain was recorded in the management of the team leader.

With ARSI, the company was able to optimize the role and recruitment/training needs of its live agents. The implementation of ARSI has brought significant operational efficiencies to this transport company; service quality is improved and operational costs are reduced.

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