Access Point Solution from Helios, Successfully Maintaining Sayurbox Productivity

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Helios x Sayurbox

Slow WiFi access is a common complaint among office workers. Interestingly, not only SMBs and enterprises, including startups are experiencing the same problem of slow performance of WiFi in the office.

It is common for management to use repeaters to spread the signal throughout the office to overcome slow WiFi. Well, one of the companies that is experiencing the problem of WiFi is Sayurbox. Sayurbox is a startup that provides raw materials for vegetables, fruits, fresh meat and fish.

What are the challenges of slow Wi-Fi in the office and what are the solutions? Read the full story below.

About Sayurbox

Sayurbox is a technology platform for agricultural suppliers. Sayurbox focuses on the distribution of fresh produce and agricultural products. Addressing the issues of price stability, reliability and quality consistency of fresh produce and agricultural products is the focus of Sayurbox.

Sayurbox provides fresh products that come directly from the farms of local farmers to various channels such as general trade, modern trade, hotels, restaurants, cafes, food manufacturing industries, and B2C based e-commerce. Due to the process of supply to sale of products online, a reliable internet connection is required throughout the company.

Connection stability is very important for Sayurbox, considering that most of the working dashboards, databases and applications are web service based. This makes network stability a critical requirement for business operations.

Slow WiFi impacting Sayurbox office productivity

With the previous Access Point (AP), Sayurbox employees’ productivity was disrupted due to an unstable network. The lack of a stable connection between devices with a WiFi signal that is often problematic requires Sayurbox to provide additional devices to install controllers.

Meanwhile, each Sayurbox user uses a laptop to work. For this reason, an access point is needed that can provide a stable and powerful connection to accommodate many users at the same time.

Besides a solution to overcome the slow office WiFi, Sayurbox also needs an access point that has easy monitoring features. All of the needs that Sayurbox was looking for can be met with the Aruba Instant On Access Point solution. Aruba Instant On provides smart and fast WiFi access to optimize business and employee productivity.

Aruba Instant On as a Solution to Solve Slow WiFi Issue

Aruba Instant On is an Access Point solution that is easy, fast and secure to set up and manage. Designed for an intelligent WiFi access experience, Aruba Instant On is the ideal solution for optimization and connection stability so there are no more complaints about slow WiFi.

The Aruba Instant On Access Point is an ideal solution for providing strong network coverage anywhere and anytime in the office, anytime. With WiFi designed connectivity and built-in security, Sayurbox has a connectivity solution that is always on at an affordable price to ensure connectivity continuity secure.

Easy deployment and web monitoring ensure connectivity security is always on the dashboard. Additionally, the Aruba Instant One mobile application helps organizations easily monitor network usage. Rules implementation can also be performed through the Aruba Instant On cloud management.

For Sayurbox, which has Instant Hubs at multiple locations in Jabodetabek and outside the city, Aruba Instant On enables easy monitoring and maintenance through existing controllers. So far, Sayurbox, which has three areas of operation, has been using Aruba Instant On, namely the head office, with an average of 300 devices connected per day. Meanwhile, HUB Sourcing Sayurbox Malang uses an average of 75 devices/day and HUB Sourcing Sayurbox Lembang 150 devices/day. Complaints about slow connections and network security issues can also be resolved with Aruba Instant On at the head office and the branch offices, which are spread across several areas.

In addition, more stable device connections to Access Points, more accessible controllers, and traffic monitoring processes in warehouses and hubs make Sayurbox’s business more agile and responsive.

Features and Benefits of Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On comes with several benefits and supporting features to help them optimize their business. Here are some Aruba Instant On features and benefits.

  • Smart Mesh

Connect and build a network of access points. No additional cables are required.

  • Robust and Latest Security

Aruba Instant On uses WPA3 / WPA 2. This ensures secure or open WiFi network access with OWE authentication on your WiFi network.

  • Mobile Network Management and Monitoring

Deploy and manage your network via a mobile app or cloud-based web portal. There are no additional costs.

  • Proactive Notification

Get easy management and automated notifications. Quickly diagnose and resolve network issues. Aruba Instant On automatically emails and alerts registered mobile numbers when connection or device problems occur, when capacity is exceeded, and when software updates are required.

Eliminate Slow Wi-Fi with Aruba Instant On by Helios

You don’t have to worry about slow WiFi anymore. Get a slow WiFi access experience with reliable speed and stability from Aruba Instant On only from Helios Informatika Nusantara (HIN), a subsidiary of CTI Group, a subholding of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

Helios as an authorized advanced partner of Aruba will help your office avoid trial and error in overcoming WiFi access problems with the support of a team of certified professionals.

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