Bareksa Receives ISO 27001 with Support from Jedi Solutions

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Bareksa is the first integrated financial and investment marketplace in Indonesia, which has been officially licensed as a Mutual Fund Selling Agent by the Financial Services Authority since 2016. Bareksa marketplace sells the most complete range of mutual fund products from trusted investment managers in Indonesia and controls the market share of the number of mutual fund investors in Indonesia. 

In addition to selling mutual fund products, Bareksa is also one of the distribution partners trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance to sell retail Government Securities (SBN) online. Bareksa also provides online gold buying and selling transactions. To educate the general public, Bareksa provides various information services such as: market data, content, research, analysis, news, and others. 

Bareksa also collaborates with the Directorate General of Population and Civil Registration or Dukcapil, to simplify the account opening process, maintain data security, and verify customer data better.

To demonstrate and realize its commitment to customers on the Company’s ability to manage and control as well as maintain corporate information security risks, which include confidentiality, availability, and integrity, PT Bareksa Portal Investasi (Bareksa) sets a certain standard for the purposes of information security management system or known as ISMS (Information Security Management System) that applies internationally, namely ISO 27001. 

However, obtaining ISO 27001 certification is not easy. Bareksa needs a specialized team that has the knowledge and expertise in conducting IT audits, ensuring compliance, identifying information security risks, and designing and implementing information security measures in accordance with the standard. Therefore, Bareksa partnered with Jedi Solutions, a subsidiary of CTI group which is one of the subholdings of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk as an IT Audit & Consulting service provider to assist it in the ISO 27001 certification process.

How did Jedi Solutions Help Bareksa Get ISO 27001 Certification?

Bareksa decided to work with Jedi Solutions after assessing Jedi Solutions’ expertise, cost, and flexibility. In addition, Jedi Solutions’ IT Audit & Consulting services provide a comprehensive approach to help Bareksa achieve compliance with the ISO 27001 standard. 

“Jedi Solutions provides a one stop solution service where all processes ranging from consultation, scope determination, joint discussions with regulators, customers, shareholders, and related certification bodies are supported by the Jedi Solutions team” said Trio Purnomo, as Chief Technology Officer at PT Bareksa Portal Investasi.  

In the process, Jedi Solutions helped Bareksa conduct an initial assessment of infrastructure, security policies, and operational procedures. The results of this assessment became the basis for designing appropriate information security measures.

Jedi Solutions also provided training to Bareksa employees to better understand and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in accordance with ISO 27001 standards. Jedi Solutions also conducts internal and external monitoring and audits to ensure awareness and compliance in protecting customer information security.

Bareksa Managed to Increase Customer Trust with Jedi Solutions 

With the support of Jedi Solutions, Bareksa successfully achieved ISO 27001 certification within the set time limit. Through this certification, Bareksa can emphasize its commitment to prioritize information security and provide reliable and trustworthy services to their customers. 

ISO 27001 certification helps Bareksa increase customer trust, strengthen the company’s reputation, and comply with applicable regulations properly. With support from Jedi Solutions, Bareksa can protect customer information from external and internal risks, including accidental breaches and human error. 

In addition to IT Audit & Consulting services, Jedi Solutions provides a variety of services ranging from project management, service design, ordering, provisioning, activation and infrastructure maintenance. 

Jedi offers the best scalable and flexible MSP security solutions, ranging from Managed SD-WAN, Managed WiFi, Managed Cloud, Managed Infrastructure, Managed Network, Managed Security Devices, IT Operation as a Service, Jedi Data Center & Colocation, and Technology Consulting.  

Partnering with global technology companies, Jedi will help your business get scalable and flexible security solutions.

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