Corporate Governance

We are truly committed to deliver structure that allows each stakeholder to make an impact on the company to pursue its vision and mission. Our shareholders’ trust also motivates us to welcome all shareholders to contribute.

Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System is a way for people to report violations within the company. This allows us to avoid and uncover potential wrongdoing. The reports that are received will be investigated. If proven true, appropriate penalties are applied to those involved.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct (2022) at PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk is a fundamental component of the company’s Good Corporate Governance (GCG) structure. It outlines ethical behavior for employees and also covers interactions with stakeholders. Every employee is responsible for ensuring adherence to this code and can report violations in confidence. The company encourages reporting and encourages proper follow-up along with disclosure of results.

Good Corporate Governance Guidelines

Learning Modules
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