ARSI Smartbot Helps Businesses Improve Customer Satisfaction

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KPSG Group is one of the subsidiaries of Anabatic Technologies (IDX: ATIC) that has utilized intelligent customer experience with IP’s customer experience platform called ARSI. It is an intelligent platform that can transform business and consumer interactions by integrating multiple channels into a single platform. 

ARSI provides a consistent customer experience and ensures they get fast and proper service. This is possible due to the use of advanced technologies, one of which is the seamless AI robot, Smartbot. With Smartbot, customer handling capacity can be enhanced with True Hybrid Operation, a hybrid operating model between real agents and AI technology. This enables a seamless transition between chatbots and agents, resulting in accurate and fast support. 

Existing technology allows customers to connect directly with a real agent when the robot’s confidence level to answer is below 50%. So that consumer queries or complaints can be dealt with quickly. But the robot’s work doesn’t stop there. 

During the interaction between real agents and consumers, the answers given to consumers will be learned and recorded by the robot, so that in the future when similar questions arise again, the robot can provide the right answers. 

KPSG calls this On-The-Fly Training. This allows agents to train the Smartbot to answer unspecified questions while still serving the customer. This quick response demonstrates operational efficiency which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

The advantages of this technology have been experienced by several companies from various industries. One success story of using Smartbot comes from a digital banking company. With Smartbot, KPSG helped improve productivity by automating routine tasks and maximizing operations to achieve higher efficiency. 

The solution was implemented in chat-based channels on the digital bank’s website and mobile app. After deploying Smartbot, more than 400,000 chats were recorded, of which 84% were successfully responded to by Smartbot, reducing the workload of customer service agents in answering repetitive queries. In addition, the digital bank was also able to reduce the number of agents.

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