Business Efficiency Achieved with ARSI Smartbot Utilization

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Amidst the rapid growth of today’s business landscape, companies are constantly looking for innovations to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. While technology and service delivery are constantly evolving, customers are often dissatisfied with the experience offered by many companies.

This is what inspired KPSG Group, a subsidiary of Anabatic Technologies (IDX: ATIC) to present ARSI. A smart platform that can transform business and consumer interactions by integrating various channels into one platform. 

A company under the auspices of a leading corporate group provides financing services for various needs, such as motorized vehicles, electronics, and other purposes. Along with business growth and increasing customers, they feel the workload of contact center agents has also increased.

Previously, the company’s contact center only served questions from prospective customers. However, now the contact center also serves questions from existing customers. This then increases the workload that must be handled by agents.

Seeing the needs of this company, ARSI Smartbot is here to be a chatbot solution to support contact center operations. The chatbot is implemented directly into WhatsApp to provide easy access for customers and prospective customers.

This helps to reduce agent workload without removing the human touch of a live agent. Ultimately, this is expected to reduce operational costs without compromising service quality.

With the utilization of ARSI Smartbot, customers and prospective customers of this company no longer need to wait in line to get answers from agents. On the other hand, the workload of agents is also reduced. The implementation of this chatbot on WhatsApp has successfully helped businesses have a wide reach and effective communication.

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