Anabatic Technologies Catalyzes Changes by Connecting The Community to Cutting-edge Technology Insights

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Adapting to the changes brought about by the digital age is essential as it affects the operations of businesses. PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (Anabatic Technologies) contributes to society through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in response to these changes. One of the programs under this CSR umbrella is Anabatic Berbagi Ilmu, an effort to provide a positive social impact to society, particularly in the education sector.

Anabatic Berbagi Ilmu organized a webinar entitled Cloud Computing: A Game Changer for Digital Business Agility on Wednesday (25/10/2023) in collaboration with Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN). In its implementation, Anabatic Technologies also included the Indonesia Cloud Community (iCCom) community to share knowledge through cloud material at this event.

The presentation of the benefits of cloud computing for users also attracted the attention of webinar participants. Present as a speaker was Shafrian Dwitama, Senior Solution Architect Central Data Technology, explaining a topic that is very suitable for current conditions because the cloud market in Indonesia is rapidly growing in line with global trends.

During the webinar and Q&A session, participants from various circles within the university and community, including students, alumni, and iCCom members displayed enthusiasm and engagement.

“By carrying out the topic of cloud computing, Anabatic Berbagi Ilmu wants to help the community to be able to keep up with the rapid development of the technology landscape. Through this webinar, we want to provide equal access to education for everyone, regardless of their background or expertise,” said Camelia Suryana Bong, Head of Corporate Secretary of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

Focusing on education and skills development initiatives can have a long-lasting impact on sustainability. By improving individual capabilities, Anabatic Berbagi Ilmu indirectly contributes to economic growth by increasing employability in the community.

“We appreciate the initiative of organizing this webinar because we realize that students can get more than just academic theories but also get to know the real conditions from professionals,” said Elfira Fitri Wahyono, Manager of External Student Affairs at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara.

As the digital landscape evolves, Anabatic Technologies believes that efforts such as Anabatic Berbagi Ilmu will become increasingly important. By aligning the needs of society and the expectations of the future job market, players in the IT industry can play a pivotal role in creating a better and more technologically prepared tomorrow.

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