Anabatic Group Explores Business Strategy with TIS for Future Growth

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Anabatic Group’s board of directors recently met TIS Inc.’s CEO and management team for a Steering Committee Meeting. Held at the TIS headquarter in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, this meeting served as a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing.

The half-day meeting provides Anabatic Group created a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and learning from TIS’ business strategy. It facilitated collaborative exchanges, allowing Anabatic Group to delve into TIS’ successful business strategies. It also enabled Anabatic Group to gain valuable insights and inspiration to refine its own strategies and explore new options for growth and innovation.

Anabatic Group aims to improve its own strategic approach, gain more industry insights, and position itself better for sustainable growth in the dynamic business landscape of the IT industry. It is hoped that by actively discussing with one of the largest listed IT companies in Japan will let Anabatic Group to stay at the cutting edge of industry trends and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

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