Held General Meeting of Independent Shareholders, Anabatic Technologies Refocused on The Company’s Main Business Lines to Pursue Optimal Growth

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PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk held a General Meeting of Independent Shareholders (Independent GMS), Wednesday (31/05/2023). The outcome of the Independent GMS decision granted, the subsidiary company’s share divestment transaction.

This is aligned with the company’s plan to optimize business growth and achieve efficiencies for segments that are in line with the company’s main business; a provider of information technology solutions and services.

This is driven by the realization that the main business line is considered to add significantly to the company’s revenue and has room for future growth.

As a result, Anabatic Technologies will restructure the subsidiary’s ownership based on several criteria, including those that do not have a business in line with the main line of business, that experience losses that burden financial performance, and that have similar businesses with multiple entities within the company’s business group.

“We decided to consolidate the activities of subsidiaries that have similar businesses in the hope that all segments will continue to grow and operate efficiently so as to increase the commercialization of the business,” said Harry Surjanto Hambali, President Director of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

The meeting’s outcomes specifically decided are as follows:

1. Approve the plan for a share divestment transaction carried out by the Company’s subsidiary directly, namely PT Anabatic Digital Raya for the sale of 99.99% shares in PT Mahacitta Teknologi (MCT), 99.99% shares in PT Aristi Jasadata (AJD), 99, 99% Shares in PT Svadaia Humana Jasa (SHJ) and PT Karyaputra Suryagemilang for the sale of 60% Shares in PT Jaga Nusantara Satu (JN1), 80% Shares in PT Pacifica Manajemen Fasilitas (PMF), 99.98% Shares in PT Advika Media Kreasi (AMK), 99% Share in PT Bisnis Proses Indonesia (BPI), 70% Share in PT Solusi Karya Insani (SKI);

2. Approve the plan for implementing the Share Sales Transaction as requested for approval in point 1 which in its entirety is carried out with parties affiliated with the Company and contains a conflict of interest as referred to in Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 42/POJK.04/2020 concerning Affiliated Transactions and Conflict of Interest Transactions; And

3. Grant power and authority with the Right of Substitution to the Board of Directors of the Company to carry out decisions stated at the General Meeting of Independent Shareholders, including but not limited to making or requesting that all the necessary deeds, letters or documents be drawn up, present before the authorized party/official, including the Notary, applies to the authorized party/official to obtain an approval or reports the matter to the regulated party/official as referred to in the applicable laws and regulations.

The decisions made at this meeting are expected to help the company prepare strategies to accelerate digital transformation in all business segments, increase human resource investment, and strengthen the core business of each business segment while optimizing business operations.

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