Anabatic Technologies and BINUS University Show Commitment to Fill the Gap between Industry and Education Sectors

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Industry and education are two important pillars of society. However, until now there are still many challenges faced to maintain harmony between the two. One of them is the gap between theory and practice in these two sectors. When this gap occurs, it can negatively impact employee performance in their respective industries.

Based on a PwC report titled Investment in the Indonesian university sector, World Bank found that more than 60% of Indonesian companies surveyed expressed difficulty recruiting suitable employees for professional, management, and higher positions compared to other countries in the region.

Therefore, Indonesia is estimated to need an increase in the supply of skilled talent by at least 21%. This is also recognised by the Government of Indonesia, which declared that human resource development is one of the country’s top priorities. As such, the government is targeting 57 million skilled labourers by 2030 and is specifically focusing on higher education to achieve this goal.

Realizing this, PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk is working with BINUS University to fill the gap.

Anabatic Technologies collaborates with BINUS University in the BINUS Industry Partnership Program. Through this program, both parties facilitate students to gain practical experiences and ensure they are fully prepared to face challenges in the world of work by participating in internships.

The internship program is a significant contribution to the company towards advancing education. By providing internship opportunities, the company helps students hone skills that are relevant to their field of study and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Students chosen for the program must have matching majors with job positions. This ensures that students can apply their acquired knowledge and contribute to the maximum.

The campus not only emphasizes technical expertise but also soft skills development. Skills such as communication skills, teamwork, and adaptability become decisive factors. The ultimate objective is for students to not only adapt to the tasks presented in the workplace but also to collaborate effectively with a team in a real-life environment.

“This collaboration is a manifestation of Anabatic Technologies and BINUS University’s joint commitment to support each other for the progress and development of human resources that are increasingly advanced and developing to face the technological era in the future. We aspire for Indonesian talents to be able to stand toe-to-toe with their international counterparts in terms of skills and expertise,” explained Novy, Recruitment Manager of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

Furthermore, Novy added that in the future Anabatic Technologies will take part in providing input related to industry developments. Through this input, BINUS University can adjust its curriculum to answer the demands of an ever-evolving industry. Thus, BINUS University can generate graduates who are not only academically qualified but also ready to contribute to the world of work.


KPSG’s Research & Development with BINUS University

In addition to internships, BINUS University’s collaboration with Anabatic Group will also be strengthened with a Research and Development (R&D) program with KPSG. As a company active in software development, KPSG will provide opportunities for students to get involved in the latest projects.

For KPSG, this program opens the door to dedicated R&D talents for their projects. By utilizing the knowledge and skills of BINUS University students, KPSG can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their software development. In addition, this cooperation brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that might not have emerged without this cross-sector collaboration.

On the other hand, the talents can benefit significantly from this program. They have the rare opportunity to be directly involved in industry-relevant projects.

“The hands-on experience in creating and developing software for KPSG provides a golden opportunity for them to experience the real world of technology and expand their understanding beyond the academic boundaries. It also adds value to BINUS University as an educational institution that prepares its graduates for real industry challenges,” said Novy.

The collaboration between Anabatic Technologies and BINUS University is a great example of how industry and education sectors can work together to fill the gap between theory and practice. By providing students with practical experiences through internships and research and development programs, the collaboration ensures that graduates are well-prepared to face the challenges of the real world. This not only benefits the students but also the industry as a whole. The positive impact of this collaboration will be felt in the long term, as it encourages knowledge exchange and contributes to the development of the industry.

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