Anabatic Technologies Initiative to Support Stunting-Free Generation

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PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (Anabatic Technologies) launched a CSR initiative to support stunting prevention. In this activity, called Anabatic Berbagi Kasih, the company partnered with Posyandu Seroja to distribute nutritious food and drinks to 90 children in the Dasana Indah Housing area in Tangerang on Monday (13/11/2023).

Stunting is a condition of growth failure in children due to malnutrition for a long time, namely from the womb to the beginning of life. So that children who experience this problem become shorter than children their age and tend to have thinking delays.

The government has set a target to reduce the prevalence of stunting by 2024 to below 14%. The 2022 Indonesian Nutrition Status Survey (SSGI) shows a 2.8% decrease in stunting rates, indicating progress.

“Our current efforts aim to combat the issue of stunted growth in Indonesia. Moving forward, we remain committed to helping to enhance the quality of human resources in the country and securing a healthier future for the upcoming generations,” said Camelia Suryana Bong, Head of Corporate Secretary of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

Hopefully, the company’s initiatives to tackle stunting can inspire other organizations to take action. The CSR activities carried out by Anabatic Technologies at Posyandu Seroja are not just aid but an investment in public health and the future of Indonesian children.

“We appreciate the concern of Anabatic Technologies to share in our neighborhood. The mothers are very grateful and happy with this activity. Hopefully, everything given can benefit the children,” explained Endang Palupi, Representative of Posyandu Seroja.

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