Anabatic Technologies Holds Blood Donation Event for Social Awareness

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PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk organized a blood donation event for the second time this year, Monday (07/24/2023). The program, which is part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is held in collaboration with PMI DKI Jakarta, with the assistance from the Corporate People Development team of PT Computrade Technology International (CTI Group) as one of the subsidiaries. Participants in this event included not only Anabatic Group employees, but also relatives and public.

“This blood donation activity is part of the company’s strategy in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects and we will routinely organize it,” said Camelia Suryana Bong, Head of Corporate Secretary of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk.

Also present at this event was Mamih, Head of Organization Division of PMI South Jakarta. He expressed his deepest gratitude to the donors.

“Today, the event went smoothly and orderly. I am amazed by the humanitarian spirit of Anabatic Technologies employees who are willing to donate their blood for those in need. I hope in the future the interest in blood donation will continue to increase,” said Mamih.

Located at the CTI Group Head Office, prospective donors must go through a thorough medical assessment process, beginning with data collecting, followed by checking blood type, blood pressure, and medical history to participate in this social action. This is done to confirm that prospective donors have met the health requirements before proceeding with the donation process.

“We appreciate the tremendous enthusiasm from all parties who have been willing to participate in this activity and hope to inspire new donors because every drop of blood collected is a simple step that benefits the donors and the recipients,” Camelia concluded.


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