Anabatic Technologies on CNBC Indonesia: Optimistic in Facing the Era of Change in the IT Sector

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Tech A Look - CNBC x Anabatic Technologies

Harry Surjanto, CEO of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (ATIC), conducted a live interview in the “Tech A Look” segment on the Profit program by CNBC Indonesia, on Tuesday (19/02/2024). This interview discussed investment opportunities in the IT sector in Indonesia and the evolution of technology trends.

Harry presented a positive outlook for the future of Indonesia’s IT industry, specifically after the political climate in 2024. He believes the industry will continue to grow because the toughest challenge, the pandemic, has been overcome. In addition, the improving global supply chain is also a positive signal for the growth of this sector.

This optimism also comes from the changing habits of the wider community. Harry revealed that the pandemic has stimulated the adoption of technology, thus changing people’s views on various online-based activities, which are now considered more normal and accepted.

However, positive growth in the IT sector goes hand in hand with the threat of data security, which is still a danger to the public. According to Harry, players in the information security industry not only see this as a challenge but also an opportunity.

“There are always two sides of the coin. When we are users, this is certainly a threat to us. But on one side of the information security sector, this is an endless opportunity,” said Harry.

Furthermore, he emphasized that he believes that even though cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated, this will not cause a decline in technology.

“Data protection is increasingly important because those of us who want to protect and cyber criminals who want to break into this are chasing each other. Anabatic Technologies predicted this about five or six years ago. Therefore, we have a security company that specifically handles this,” said Harry.

When talking about future trends, Harry admits that artificial intelligence (AI) is an important trend. He emphasized that Anabatic Technologies will not avoid new trends. The company has already started investing in developing products that utilize AI technology to communicate with customers more seamlessly.

However, when it comes to technologies such as AI, other challenges must be faced. He emphasizes the importance of prioritizing morals and regulations. He believes that the development of AI must consider ethical implications, so regulation is needed to control the development of such technology.

Regarding ATIC’s own business, Harry explained that currently, the company continues to strive to increase revenue through the service sector. One way is by collaborating with large cloud service providers. Going forward, the company is optimistic about expanding its presence in the ASEAN region, not just Indonesia.


Watch the full interview here:
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