We believe that education is the key to addressing existing problems in communities and empowering positive change.

Education is the basic right of every citizen as stated on The Constitution of Indonesia chapter 28 about Human Rights. Moreover, the government has enforced a mandatory 9-year-learning program.

To support that, PT Anabatic Technologies as one of the biggest IT company in Indonesia launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. This is done through Anabatic Mengajar (Anabatic Teach). The program will be implemented in two vocational schools; one of them is SMKN 7 Kelapa Dua.

This school was not chosen without a reason. SMKN 7 Kelapa Dua has potential individuals that are waiting to be molded, sharpened and developed. Other than that, the school’s location is near Puri Amani Mulia, a subsidiary company of PT Anabatic Technologies focusing in properties.

"In doing their business, Anabatic realizes the importance of human resources. Potentially, I believe that Indonesia has quality talents equivalent to that of talents abroad.” said Adriansyah Adnan, Director of Technologies at the opening ceremony of CSR Anabatic, Tangerang, Friday (1/9/2015).

He also mentioned, generally education received in school is different to what really happen in the work field. Therefore, Anabatic wants to contribute in donating knowledge and experience of the industry so that the students can get a clear view in mind of the working world, especially in the IT business and banking.

Anabatic Mengajar will involve 40 Accountancy students of SMKN 7 Kelapa Dua that was chosen by their tutor. Every week, a team of trainers from Anabatic will share knowledge and experiences related to the field.

"Materials will be given for a year, covering IT in banking and Accountancy. Every week, we will come to sharpen their intelligence and broadened their knowledge. The activity will be evaluated by Anabatic and SMKN 7 Kelapa Dua to maximize the result,” said Agung Coriandri, Group Head of Anabatic Learning Centre.

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