Senior Director Adriansyah Adnan with Chairman of Anabatic Technologies Handoko A. Tanuadji and President Director Handojo Sutjipto officiating Anabatic India office - Bangalore.

To realize the company’s vision to become the leading information technology company in the Asia Pacific region, Anabatic Technologies has provided integrated IT solutions for several major companies in Indonesia and has expanded its business with the opening of business offices in Bangalore and Chennai, India.

These two cities were chosen because India is the leading IT country in Asia Pacific, while Bangalore is known as The Silicon Valley of India because of its role as the nation’s leading IT exporter.

PT Anabatic Technologies’ plan to expand overseas was aimed at strengthening the working capacity of its core banking firm Temenos, a company which was created nine years ago.

The branches in India started its operation in August 2014 and the main business focus are T24 work from Chennai, and providing resources for existing projects which will enhance future business and also to new business.

Anabatic Technologies core banking team in Jakarta, Chennai, Bangalore, and Manila will provide up to 300 workers that will be prepared to work on strategic large-scale core banking projects in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, India has been identified as a resource center from a growth perspective. Head of Human Capital and Quality Management of Anabatic Technologies, Vinod Sreedharan said that human resources at Anabatic India are steadily growing in terms of the number of employees. A Temenos-India project is seen as a great potential gateway for India from project and business perspective, especially in Bangalore and Chennai.

India has only been a resource center for projects being executed in Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar and other neighboring countries. The key win for Anabatic International in India, has been the win of PSSLAI, CIB, and Dunia (one of the prominent financial institution in Dubai).


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