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Anabatic formed a partnership with IBM Indonesia to launch PocketBank

July 19, 2018

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk through its subsidiary PT Anabatic Digital Raya, today (7/19) establish cooperation to bring PocketBank in Indonesia to help the financial world utilize financial technology breakthroughs in responding to the challenges of digital bank transformation.

The cooperation agreement between the two companies was marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between IBM Indonesia and its subsidiary PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk, PT Anabatic Digital Raya in Jakarta, Thursday (07/19/2018).

PocketBank, in its operations, helps the needs of financial services business people in Indonesia related to branchless banking, e-money, mobile banking, customer applications and applications for insurance agents. 

Adriansyah Adnan, CEO of PT Anabatic Digital Raya explained, PocketBank is a mobile application that can be used by financial service users to conduct financial transactions on mobile devices.

Among other things to transfer, check balances, withdraw money and carry out banking roles such as the transfer process to someone who does not have an account at the same bank using the transfer recipient via a mobile phone number with a unique code.

For the banking industry, the presence of PocketBank provides maximum benefits because they no longer need to open many branches with high investment.

Through this solution, banks can access their target market with their core banking system that is in the customer's pocket.

This solution can also capture all customer behavior information on mobile such as geographic information when customers make transactions, detect their OS and mobile type. "Through this data, banks can process analytics on the behavior of their customers," said Adriansyah.

Another excellent feature of PocketBank is that it supports non-financial transaction processes such as customer registration, account opening, customer profiling, and customer service.

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk Director Hendra Halim added that the presence of PocketBank was motivated by the trend of digital disruption in Indonesia. Many companies have begun to change business patterns by following this development.

One example of digital disruption is the widespread use of technology in various customer services.

IBM Indonesia provides capable hardware and software support and can be used on all platforms such as IBM LinuxOne for this PocketBank.

Until now, PocketBank has been used by banks in Indonesia, ASEAN Region and in the Middle East. Anabatic PocketBanks are marketed in Indonesia and in the ASEAN region starting in 2018.