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Virtus Technology supports IoT development in Indonesia

August 15, 2018

Surabaya, April 26th 2018 - Virtus Technology Indonesia, an IT infrastructure solutions provider and subsidiary of CTI Group, supports the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve business efficiency and innovation. Undeniably, IoT has revolutionized the workings of individuals and companies.

Elsa Mayasari, General Manager of Virtus Technology Indonesia said, in this Intelligent Things era, all devices will be able to communicate with each other as long as it is connected to the internet network. Starting from smart TV, smart office, even smart city.

"You can imagine the chances for business. With automation functions, a job can run much easier and cost-efficient because it can save operational costs, not to mention encouraging innovation of new products and services that could become the source of revenue for the organization. For that, through this Virtus Showcase, business professionals who are attending, can learn how to use IoT in accordance with corporate goals, where to start and what challenges to face, "said Elsa in Surabaya, Thursday (26/04).

Research that conducted by Forrester notes that this year IoT will be the backbone of the company in creating customer value, while the IoT infrastructure will shift to a special IoT platform with a focus on the safety factor. The use of IoT devices by the industry is increasing as the survey records two goals and the main purpose of these adoptions are to improve the customer experience (70%) and security (56%)

Through the communication between these devices, more data can be processed into insight to boost revenue in the next year (53%), and open up new markets (51%).

Managing Director of Dell EMC Indonesia Chaterine Lian said, IoT is a bridge that connects Technology Operations and Information Technology. As a leading provider of hardware infrastructure, software and end-to-end security solutions, Dell Technologies have a long history of connecting the two technologies.

For over 18 years, Dell's Global OEM Solutions team have been working with companies around the world, helping them to bring the innovative solutions to the market-optimally and efficiently-by integrating our technology into their technology.

Country Manager of Check Point Indonesia, Dhany Kurniawan added, cyber security and data protection needs to be at the core of the IoT strategy from day one. There are four main principles that must be possessed: first, device discovery and access management to authenticate IoT devices, making it difficult for hackers to infiltrate the network, both intelligent network segmentation to quarantine potential threats and limit the spread of attacks to other networks.

The third is the prevention of threats by blocking any attack before it enters the network and the four data integrity through validation of information between devices within the network. "Through the four principles we offer, industry performers do not have to worry about the risk of attacks that can lead to loss of valuable data and delayed their IoT project," said Dhany.mwp