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iCIO Community Supports Alpha Momentum Indonesia Holds Starthub Connect

August 15, 2018

Jakarta, 15 th August 2018 – iCIO Community, CIO associations and executive in information technology and communication fully support the implementation of Starhub Connect, an investment forum and funding forum to promote entrepreneurial spirit and mentoring for startups that organized by Alpha
Momentum Indonesia (AMI), a venture capital company. The event was designed as a venue for meeting the beginner innovators, early-stage startups, the
government, and the investor will be held on 13 rd September 2018 located at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang.

Through this support, iCIO Community will bring the expertise and experience of more than 200 members who have various industry backgrounds that can help
startups to develop their business ideas and prototypes into business through mentorship programs to become sources.

“The role of the CIO, both as members of iCIO Community and as a professionals who carry the name of the company and their organization each of them become a
primary key to build startup digital ecosystem to be better in Indonesia. We are very glad with iCIO Community support in Starthub Connect which have a strong
missions in Indonesia through incubation, networking, education, mentoring and facilitating startups with various sources,” said Rachmat Gunawan, CEO of AMI.

“We welcome the implementation of Starhub Connect, a forum that present the opportunities for iCIO Community members to see, discover, and support the
creativity of young entrepreneurs in the startup world. We are fully committed to sharing the knowledge and experience that we hope can be an inspiration and guide
for you entrepreneurs to achieve success in the future,” Said Danny Natalies, iCIO Community Communication Division Coordinator.

CIO demanded to be able to continue to innovate, so that the organization can continue to have a competitive advantage. Various ways and efforts continued by
CIO to build a culture of innovation in their organizations, including collaborated with startup. In the last few years the trend of collaboration corporate and startup
have been increasing. Unilever Foundry, a platform which is used to encourage startup collaboration and innovators with global corporations formed by Unilever, said that the trend of cooperation will continue to increase until 2025. Based on the fact that both parties have benefit. About eighty percent of corporations around the
world those become respondents claim that the collaboration with startups has a positive impact in driving innovation. Otherwise, eighty-nine percent of startups
believe that the collaboation with corporation present a opportunity which is more better for their business stub.[1]

ICIO Community support for the development of startup ecosystems in Indonesia through Starthub Connect is not the first time. Previously iCIO Community also
had and continued to support the 1000 Startup Digital National Movement initiated by Kibar and the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia.
About iCIO Community
iCIO Community is a community of Chief Information Officers and executives in the field of ICT companies and organizations in Indonesia. With knowledge and
experience in the collective application and utilization of ICT are more than 200 members, iCIO Community is a national asset that is ready to contribute in the
development of ICTs and industry in Indonesia. More information about iCIO Community can be accessed through


[1] The Unilever Foundry: The future of innovation: startups and corporates to work under one roof by 2025 -