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2018, Anabatic Technologies Allocated Capex more than RP 100M

November 21, 2017

Anabatic Technologies Growth in Digital Era


On Monday 20 November 2017, PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk held a Public Expose in order to update its performance in the second half of 2017. The Company was established in 2002 in Jakarta, the establishment of PT Anabatic
Technologies Tbk is a solution for the business world both private and government in maximizing the utilization of Information Technology (IT) efficiently, economically and effectively.


PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk is headquartered in Jakarta, and have several representative offices in major cities in Indonesia to support DEOS's line of business operations. The company also operates in several countries :
Singapore, Malaysia, India and the Philippines, with coverage of service provision in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region.


The existence of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk until 2017 has shown its position as a leading information technology company.


The Company is run by experienced professionals with the following organizational structure:


Board of Commissioners :

  1. Handoko A. Tanuadji

President Commissioner

  1. F. Warsito Hans Tanudjaja


  1. Betti S. Alisjahbana

Independent Commissioner

Board of Directors :

  1. Handojo Sutjipto

President Director

  1. Adriansyah


  1. Hiromitsu Fujino


  1. Harry Surjanto Hambali


  1. Hendra Halim

Independent Director


In accordance with the Company's exposure, the Company's business line iscurrently being changed from 5 lines to 3 lines, as follows:

Anabatic's Business Line

  1. Mission Critical Digital Solution (MCDS)
  2. Digital Enriched Outsourcing Service (DEOS)
  3. Cloud & Digital Platform Partner (CDPP)

The composition of subsidiaries Anabatic Technologies as follows:

  1. PT Anabatic Digital Raya ( 100 % )
  2. PT Karyaputra Suryagemilang (100%)
  3. PT Computrade Technology International (55%)
  4. PT Puri Amani Mulia (100%)

As for this change, ITSO and VABI lines are classified into MCDS lines. This change is made by considering synchronization and more focused delopment for subsidiaries under the MCDS line.


It also added that the increasing number of customers working with Anabatic Technologies, indicates that the company's management has succeeded in building the trust of its customers to the Company and in expanding the market segment that became the company's business objectives.


Certification and Awards

In line with the development of the Company, in 2017 Anabatic Technologies have received various certifications including: CMMI Maturity Level 3 In
Software Development, Tier 3 Data Center, ISO 9001-2015, and PCI DSS Version 3.2, and awards as The Most Powerful Company in 2017 from Warta Ekonomi.


Hendra Halim as Independen Director of the Company, delivered important business achievements in 2017 for the Company and its group, among others :

  1. Mission Critical Digital Solution (MCDS)
  • Implementation Digital Banking & eMoney in a book bank 3, the leading BPD in Indonesia, also private bank in Kamboja.
  • Implementation of Branchless Banking and Citizen Banking projects at two leading banks in Indonesia using Anabatic OSL
  • Implementation of 3 IFRS9 projects on two top banks and famous multifinance
  • Implementation of the Financial Crime Compliance project at a foreign bank operating in Indonesia and a prominent bank in Malaysia
  1. Digital Enriched Outsourcing Service (DEOS)
  • Carry out Go-Live business process operating services Credit Initiation in one of the largest international banks in the Philippines
  • Achieve the number of 100 active clients in Multi-Country Outsourcing (MCPO) services strategy alliances with the worlds largest MCPO service provider
  • Implementing go-live banacassurance telemarketing services for national private banks including its alliance with life insurance subsidiaries and one of
    the world's largest foreign insurers, with a total capacity of about 300 contact center seats using the OSL On Trace Digital Mobile Customer Interaction
  • Provides digital recruitment selection service using the OSL Q-Power Computerized Psychological Assessment platform, providing new speed and experience for job seekers and Client Company
  • Implement a go-live provision of Corporate Digital Learning services in one of the largest foreign banks in the region using OSL's Learning On The Go platform (LoG) Digital Learning Platform
  • Providing integrated inbound and outbound Digital Marketing services at one of the state-owned financing institutions
  1. Cloud & Digital Platform Partner (CDPP)
  • Maintain growth YoY
  • Sell Smart City and Mobility for Enterprise solutions
  • Get inside the business of Managed Service Providers and Managed Security Security Service Providers
  • Acquisition of companies that have competencies in the field of ERP and programming development
  • Develop Hybrid Cloud solutions
  • Partnering with Apple and Samsung as resellers


Meanwhile the business strategy and business development of the Company focuses on three important factors:

  1. Expanding regional market penetration
  • Philippines :
  • Provides a portfolio of OSL Anabatic products and related services
  • Investing in the addition for human resources and infrastructure to reach the market potential
  • Malaysia, Thailand & Indochina:

Building cooperation with strategic partners to enhance market competitiveness and penetration

  • Midldle East & North Africa

Provide a portfolio of Anabatic OSL products and related servicest


  1. Intensification of Anabatic Products
  • Continue to develop the company's products in terms of technology, features, UI / UX, reliability, and implementation
  • Intensifikasi dalam hal pemasaran produk milik perseroan (branding, pemasaran dan penjualan)
  • Set up a cloud aggregator business in anticipation of cloud-based applications and products


  1. R & D New and Strategic Technology
  • Learn, research and develop products are related to artificial intelligence / machine learning, internet of things, and blockchain
  • Established a business innovation unit to learn and predict the application of new technologies to solve customer problems

Management is  optimist that the Company's future performance will further grow in this digital era, supported by the Company's profit increase of 56.2% as of September at Rp 124.8 Billion compared to the Company's Operating Income as of September 2016 of Rp 79.9 Billion.


For further information please contact


Corporate Secretary PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk

Graha Anabatic Jl. Scientia Boulevard Kav U2 Summarecon Serpong Tangerang,

Banten – Indonesia.

Telp.: 021 80636010