Anabatic Technologies Optimistics to Continue Innovating in the Digital Realm for Strategic Growth

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PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (Anabatic Technologies) recorded positive performance over the past nine months. This was revealed directly by the directors at the public expose, on Monday (18/12/2023).

Strategic growth and financial performance became the main focus of the presentation delivered by the board of directors. To achieve the targets, Harry Surjanto Hambali, President Director of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk explained that the company must continue to encourage digital innovation.

“In the current era, innovation can come from anywhere with digital facilitation. To achieve the company’s goals, we are determined to continue to make these innovations to become the first choice for customers, and in achieving this goal we realize the importance of the role of talent in the company,” said Harry.

Harry also highlighted three competitive advantages that can drive their strategic growth. 

Firstly, expertise in digital banking stands out through Anabatic Digital Raya. Second, the company continues to adapt to industry transformation as evidenced by KPSG’s shift from call centers to digital consumer interaction. Lastly, CTI Group is moving towards security and cloud services to improve its competitiveness.

Director of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk Lie David Limina was present at the event. He shared that the company had achieved a positive financial performance with a net profit of Rp150.5 billion as of September 2023.

“We target even better growth through business restructuring to optimize profits from subsidiaries. In 2024, we estimate that our revenue target will increase 1.5 times from this year,” said David.

The public exposure demonstrates the strong commitment to digital innovation and its ability to adapt to the evolving market landscape. The proactive approach to business restructuring also reflects Anabatic Technologies’ dedication to sustainable growth.

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