Anabatic Technologies Celebrates 22nd Anniversary with Optimism Towards New Horizon

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Anabatic Gala Dinner - ATIC 22 Anniversary

PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (IDX: ATIC) recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary with a grand gala dinner, marked by joy and togetherness. The event, named Anabatic Gala Dinner, reflects the company’s remarkable journey over the past 22 years.

Anabatic Technologies has grown from strength to strength, making significant strides in the industry. The company has faced and overcome numerous challenges, but also consistently achieved notable accomplishments. This continuous growth has been a collective effort with each member of Anabatic Group playing a crucial role in the company’s success.

As the business landscape rapidly evolves, changes have inevitably impacted the dynamics within the company. Over time, these changes have sometimes led to a weakening of the bonds between various segments of the company. Recognizing this, the 22nd-anniversary celebration was not only a commemoration of past achievements but also an opportunity to strengthen the sense of unity and fellowship within the Anabatic Group.

The company is committed to pursuing even greater heights and “New Horizon,” encapsulates this forward-looking vision. Anabatic Technologies aims to embark on a fresh chapter of growth and achievement, taking the entire Anabatic Group towards new and exciting horizons.

“I learned many new things to prepare the company to become bigger. It is not something I or anyone wanted but it is something that happens naturally; otherwise, we would never have reached New Horizon,” said Harry Surjanto Hambali, President Director of PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk, Friday (21/06/2024).

The 22nd-anniversary celebration was a night of joy, reflection, and enthusiasm. It celebrated the shared history of Anabatic Technologies while looking forward to a future filled with new possibilities.

“If we want to grow twice as much as we are now, we can’t do the same things as before. Let’s integrate our skills and knowledge to explore new horizons,” added Harry.

Anabatic Gala Dinner was more than just a celebration of the past 22 years. It was a reaffirmation of the company’s commitment to fostering strong relationships, embracing change, and pursuing excellence. As Anabatic Technologies continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to achieving greater success and making a positive impact on all stakeholders.


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