PocketBank enables your customer to use a banking product without the need to consult with a bank representatives as they can easily activate the application through a branchless agent.

4 Module Of


Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a module that handles financial transactions from core banking system via mobile channels, such a mobile. it supports various methods : mobile application, SMS and USSD.

Internet Banking

Internet Banking is a module that allows customers to conduct financial transaction to web page. To gain access to the account, the customer must register himself at first. After that, the customer will get a username and the password that can be used to their account, after each steps, verification will be done several ways : OTP, Softoken or Hard tokens.



Branchless banking is a module that provides banking to both customers and non customers of the bank. Cash transaction in branchless module can be done via bank counter or an agent.

Front End

Front end module is a web - based application that is used to improve the mobility of banking service to customers. this module is also equipped with integration core banking system owned by the bank.

PocketBank running with IBM Power8 :
will give your customer the satisfaction of :

Doing their own transactions with their own device.

Choosing their own payment methods by choosing various methods of payment in merchant/online transaction.

Making boundless transfer to non-customer phone number.

Carrying their bank everywhere

Extending your branch by cooperating with merchant and small business as your branchless agents.

Using mobile, internet, SMS and USSD as Multiple Channel Integration for their banking channels.