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PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk Shares has Listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange

July 07, 2015

 PT Anabatic Technologies Tbk (“Anabatic”) has initiated the preliminary offering of share and public expose on 5th of June. Anabatic, in cooperation with PT        Bahana Securities (“Bahana”) as the Sole Lead Underwriter, has offered Anabatic’s shares to more than 50 institution investors in Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong  and Kuala Lumpur. Based on the result of the preliminary offering, Anabatic has decided to offer 375 million of new shares or 20% of the Anabatic’s total share to  public with offering price of Rp 700 per share.

 Public offering was done on 29th of June to 2nd of July, and continued with the shares allotment on 6th of July and shares distribution and refund on 7th of July.  Anabatic’s shares are officially listed on the IDX (Indonesian Stock Exchange) today, Wednesday 8th of July 2015.

 In the midst of current condition of the investment market and Indonesia’s macro economy, Anabatic has proudly received trust from one of the most prestigious  technology company from Japan, TIS Inc. (“TIS”), to invest in Anabatic through this Initial Public Offering.

 TIS, which is a subsidiary of IT Holdings Corporation, provides various IT solutions such as system integration services, custom-developed systems, data  centers, and cloud services. In addition, TIS has a vast global support system mainly in China and ASEAN countries. With over 3,000 companies as business  partners in the sectors such as finance, manufacturing, distribution/services, public utilities, and communication, TIS contributes to the growth of its customers. 

 Anabatic has also done business partnership with TIS. One of the partnerships is a business collaboration for providing solution in financial sector around South  East Asia.

 One of the main reasons for TIS to be the business partner of Anabatic is    the recognition upon Anabatic’s strong presence in Indonesia and South East Asia,    high quality of service in providing solution and solid customer base in South East    Asia, especially in banking sector in Indonesia and financial institution.

Through this partnership, TIS and Anabatic are fully going to utilise both of our strength and to focus upon effort to strengthen global business.

This is done through broadening service and support that are offered by the Japanese companies in ASEAN, as well as adding high value upon

IT solution, including banking system for regional client.

Jakarta, 7th of July 2015.